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Honoring a Loved One After Death

In many families and cultures, it is almost taboo to honor, regularly talk about and include loved ones who passed away as an active part of life. A certain awkwardness is almost always present when the deceased is brought up in conversation, starting about a month or so after the death. Sadly, sometimes it’s even sooner than that. It’s almost as if grief is treated like a mental disorder that needs to be remedied or overcome rather than lived with. It is like being confined in a box of, in my opinion, unhealthy and stifling propriety.

After decades of subconsciously feeling trapped, it took unlikely courage for me to step out of that box. I dug deep into the most painful parts of my past and allowed my dad who was murdered when I was two years old to be a part of my life. I was amazed at the freedom and joy healthy grief and embracing, not letting go of my love for this man who is so much a part of me. I’m here as an example and help to others who also want to live, love and remember.

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Allicia is available in the United States and internationally as a keynote speaker, panel member, and presenter.

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I'm excited to invite you into the painful, heartwrenching dark beautiful liberating world of grief and overcoming PTSD and victimhood. My journey has not been typical and oftentimes not pretty. But the more I learn the more I experience glorious beauty rising from the ashes of the tragedy that shaped my life. Join me as I prepare to publish my book, Angel in Arlington. My mission is to help others embrace unlikely courage themselves, battle skeletons in their closets and find freedom, peace, and true happiness.


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