Allicia is available in the United States and internationally as a keynote speaker, panel member, and presenter. She customizes trainings according to organizational needs to fit events from small groups to gatherings of several thousand. She has a particular soft spot for those who have lost loved ones, military families, women and girls who have dealt with insecurities and abuse, and those struggling with addiction and mental illness. She shares universal messages from the heart and strives to leave her audiences with a sense of empowerment and hope.


Speaking Topics

General Motivational Topics

  • “You’re never too old to become the person you want to be!”
  • “How to live a joyful, beautiful life”
  • “Facing the ugly truth can be beautiful”
  • “The damaging impact of selfish service”
  • “Crooked and long paths can still lead to happily ever afters”
  • “Recognizing adult bullies”
  • “Excavating beauty-both inner and outer”
  • “Own your emotions so they don’t own you”
  • “Face your fears the right way”
  • “Impact of mental illness on society, families, and individuals”
  • “A voice for your babies: you’re raising…me!”
  • “Taking your life back”
  • “The high price of ‘justice.”
  • “How many will suffer for one wrongful death?”

Grieving and Spirituality

  • “Healthy grief has no timeline”
  • “Why I believe in angels, Angelic experiences and interactions”
  • “Those that have passed on aren’t too busy for you”
  • “Going from victim to victorious”
  • “How dad raised me from the other side. Hearing and believing these messages”
  • “Negative coping mechanisms. Poison of suppressing grief”
  • “Grieving and PTSD for children”
  • “Share their legacy but still be you”

Military Topics

  • “The depth of soldier/sailor connections”
  • “Healing through military family connections—TAPS”
  • “Pride and love for military despite grief”

Welcome to my website!

I'm excited to invite you into the painful, heartwrenching dark beautiful liberating world of grief and overcoming PTSD and victimhood. My journey has not been typical and oftentimes not pretty. But the more I learn the more I experience glorious beauty rising from the ashes of the tragedy that shaped my life. Join me as I prepare to publish my book, Angel in Arlington. My mission is to help others embrace unlikely courage themselves, battle skeletons in their closets and find freedom, peace, and true happiness.


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