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The soon-to-be published true story of a military murder & its cover-up


Allicia Johnson Niles' life was shattered when her father was murdered aboard a naval vessel by one of his own men . . . who simply disappeared off the radar.


Amid family terror and innuendo, she was haunted by the traumatic specter of this hidden killer and the monolithic US military all the way into adulthood. Until one day when she decided to uncover the truth.


Angel in Arlington is the riveting true-life story about a frightened young woman who found her own unlikely courage to expose a government conspiracy inside the US Navy and to hunt down a murderer--the man who pulled the trigger on her father.


I'm excited to invite you into the painful, heart wrenching, dark, beautiful, liberating world of grief, PTSD, victimhood, and triumphal overcoming.


My journey has not been typical and oftentimes not pretty. But the more I learn the more I experience glorious beauty rising from the ashes of the tragedy that shaped my life. Join me as I share my story, Angel in Arlington.


My mission is to help others embrace unlikely courage themselves, battle skeletons in their closets, and find freedom, peace, and true happiness.

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Allicia Johnson Niles

is available in the United States and internationally as a keynote speaker, panel member, and presenter.

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