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Allicia Johnson Niles

is available in the United States and internationally as a keynote speaker, panel member and presenter.

Through the power of her own journey, she shows, not just tells, audiences who face seemingly insurmountable odds how to have Unlikely Courage to right wrongs, create impactful change, and heal from abuse, mental health, and addiction. Her message especially resonates with audiences reeling from the impact of death, loss, and survivor's grief, particularly in military groups and families. 

Allicia has a long history of public speaking and advocacy and can customize trainings according to organizational needs for small groups up to gatherings of several thousand.


She has a soft spot for audiences of women and girls, where she shares unique aspects of her journey to empower and uplift.


Speaking Topics


  • Ties That Bind: The deep connections made by soldiers and sailors

  • Healing Through Your Military Family — TAPS

  • Be Proud In Your Pain: Loving and leaning into your place in the military, despite your loss

grieving & spirituality

  • Healthy Grief: The myth of linear timelines

  • Angels ARE Among Us: Those that have passed aren't too busy for you

  • My Dad Raised Me From The Other Side: Hearing and believing these messages

  • The Poison of Suppressing Grief: Negative coping mechanisms

  • Grieving and PTSD: How to help your child


  • Unlikely Courage: Confronting a murderer and the U.S. military

  • Ripple Effects: How someone else’s mental illness broke my family

  • Don’t Stop: Unlikely allies on the path to pursuing justice 

  • Prime Time: 20 year old dreams in a 40 year old mind 

  • Ugly Truths: How facing your skeletons can open doors to beauty

  • Detours & Destinations: Crooked paths still lead to happily-ever-after's

  • Vanity & Vision: The power of owning your beauty inside and out 

  • Child Survivors: What your babies would tell you about their grief, if they only knew how

Previous Appearances

Speaker & Panelist -- A Reason to Stand - Las Vegas, Nevada


Speaker & Panelist -- A Reason to Stand - Orem, Utah

Panelist -- A Reason to Stand - Logan, Utah

Speaker -- The Feisty Goddess Annual Gala

Keynote Speaker -- The Inspired Writer's Retreat - 2014 - 2020

Featured Guest Speaker -- Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) - 2016 - present

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